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ARTICLE - “Three blocks from Mark Zuckerberg’s $10 million Tudor home in San Francisco, Jake Orta lives in a small, single-window studio apartment filled with trash.

There’s a child’s pink bicycle helmet that Mr. Orta dug out from the garbage bin across the street from Mr. Zuckerberg’s house. And a vacuum cleaner, a hair dryer, a coffee machine — all in working condition — and a pile of clothes that he carried home in a Whole Foods paper bag retrieved from Mr. Zuckerberg’s bin. […]”

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PROFILE - “Nick Marzano is the photographer, writer, publisher and chief dumpster-diver of Mission Gold. Originally from Australia, Nick moved to San Francisco five years ago and has been documenting street life his neighborhood ever since. He believes the street is the ultimate stage and is always on the hunt for 24 characters with stories to tell. […]”

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ARTICLE - “In the shadow of Silicon Valley, another entrepreneurial class, made up of street residents, turns rubbish into gold. A recycling economy that Nick Marzano, writer, photographer and traveler, tries to promote and value in his fanzine Mission Gold.

Long before Google, Facebook, and other tech giants send seismic shocks into the San Francisco Bay Area landscape, economic transformations are already emerging, says Nick Marzano, a passionate writer and curious traveler. In 1848, the gold rush transformed California, and the small hamlet of San Francisco quickly became an economic empire. […]”

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ARTICLE - “Published out of San Francisco, Mission Gold magazine wants to change the narrative around homelessness. Rather than tugging on the heartstrings of his readers, founder Nick Marzano has created a treasure trove of incredible art, inspiring interviews and characterful photography that focuses on the personal stories of what Nick calls, “a different creative class [that] struggles to survive” in the ever-growing shadow of Silicon Valley.

Originally from Australia, he arrived in the city’s Mission neighbourhood in 2013, and explains that his aim is, “to challenge Silicon Valley’s assumptions about entrepreneurship, and posit ways to involve the city’s community across all income brackets in the boom. […]”

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PROFILE - “San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood sits at the epicenter of a 21st century tech gold rush. But in the shadows of Silicon Valley, a different class of entrepreneurs, artists, and free-thinkers struggles to survive and thrive on the streets. MISSION GOLD is an editorial collaboration and excavation into this world of alternative art and value.

Mission Gold’s second issue, MAGIC, moves beyond Issue 001’s marketplace of cans, bottles and second-hand sex toys to showcase an incredible inventory of the imagination. Time-traveling radios, Mayan talismans, tiger mobiles, cosmic comedy, and 24-karat shopping carts comprise Issue 002’s moonshine of fact, fiction, and the fantastic. […]”

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